James GossJames Goss is a current peer member at Perry Wellness Center. In addition to attending wellness and recovery classes each week day, James is responsible for watering the greenhouses and vegetable gardens at Rudy's Happy Patch Market.

Visitors to the market will often spot James reading in the shade of a greenhouse by the market. Upon closer inspection, one finds that he is reading his Bible. He begins each day with a Bible reading, then heads to classes and garden work. Once these tasks are completed, he retrieves his Bible from beneath the seat of his service vehicle and finds a shady spot to continue his Bible study.

In the wellness and recovery movement, the role of spirituality is often noted as a way to provide greater purpose and focus to individuals' lives. James' daily reading is a testament to his own commitment. In his words, "I read my Bible each day for support and better understanding of God's Word in our lives. After I get to Perry Wellness Center and do my morning chores, I read some verses each day."

James' commitment to religious study doesn't stop at PWC. He also is a member of a men's Bible study group at the local Friendship Baptist Church. He enjoys participating in study and discussions with the other 14-16 members, and encourages others to participate.

In this photo, James is taking at 7:30 a.m. break to read his daily Bible verses.

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