Hip Hop VideoWith Spirit Week behind them and Halloween ahead, Perry Wellness Center peers and staff have been consuming more than their fair share of sweets and other less than nutritious treats. As a total wellness center, the program strives to always find a way to emphasize health and wellness, even when the holidays threaten to knock people off their exercise and diet routines.

This week, PWC activities focused on exercise and nutrition. Certified peer specialist Chloe Millsaps introduced a group to the HIP HOP! video, combining a musical experience with physical activity. After the introduction to the video, a large group of peers danced to the music. The fun but vigorous activity set the tone for the rest of the busy day.

Chloe Millsaps explained, “I had planned this video session for this morning. It rained, and the inside activity for the peers was fun. They seemed to enjoy dancing with the HIP HOP! video.”

The moral of the story: To trick or treat, gotta move your feet!

Have a great Halloween, and keep moving!

Have a great Halloween, and keep moving!

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