Troy Boone PaintingAs fall settles in, Perry Wellness Center is renewing its efforts to keep the campus grounds and buildings spruced up for its growing number of members and visitors. 

“With the increase of clients, staff, and outside visitors, the proper maintenance of our property is important to all of us,” explains PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry. “Jeff [Williams] designed our property and is leading a restoration of his work.”

One current project is the maintenance of the classroom building. Its two sets of steps and handicap ramp leading to the front porch entry need regular cleaning and occasional painting, due to constant foot traffic.

Enter Troy Boone, who is known as an excellent detail painter and careful worker. With a can of bright paint in hand, he is tackling the steps and ramp. This project is on a long list of his assignments, with plans to restore all painted areas at Perry Wellness Center.

Keeping everything clean and colorful raises spirits and confidence for those who enter the Perry Wellness Center. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint makes a huge difference!

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