Fall Market 2019After a record summer season, Rudy’s Happy Patch Market remains full of activity, as staff and peers work hard to respond to the change in seasons. For example, still green baskets and other plants must be moved to covered greenhouses and other more sheltered sites, as colder weather arrives.

In their place are plants and produce in the colors of fall. Fat pumpkins and vibrant mums declare the season and draw customers in to the market to explore what’s new.

“I have always been involved in plants, and learned that temperatures can scar all green plants,” PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry notes. “In our first greenhouse in Buena Vista, I remember my mom and dad being highly aware of changing temperatures.” Now he sets the pace for others at the market, ensuring that no plants are needlessly lost as temperatures drop.

As the photo above demonstrates, the market transition is complete for fall. To get a preview of Thanksgiving cheer and pick up holiday ideas, stop by Happy Patch!

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