Flu Precautions 2Awareness of best health practices has been front and center at our wellness center during the current flu season. Any stray cough or sniffle can lead to the spread of cold or flu germs, and peers and staff have been made aware of precautions to take. PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry takes the matter seriously.

“I have survived what I think must have been the flu,” he explains. “We are cracking down on any possible concerns for early sickness at Perry Wellness Center. Peers who do not feel well or have a persistent cough are being taken home. This is a dangerous time of year for any group or assembly.”

Luckily, many peers and staff are on the campus hygiene patrol. For example, when Kaylon Holt is not increasing his record-breaking collection of pop tops for donation to the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus, Georgia, he is doing his part to keep things clean at the center.

Kaylon recently tackled the sanitizing of all door handles on the classroom/office building. Armed with a safety mask, clean cloths, and antiseptic spray, he set to work on each of these potential breeding grounds for germs and bacteria.

Like a masked super-hero, Kaylon is ready to save the day!

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