JASON FRAZIERAs one of our newest staff members at Perry Wellness Center, Jason Frazier usually keeps busy interviewing peers and getting to know them, so that he can assist them with achieving their goals. But he has also quickly learned that peer support can take place outside of a classroom.

Recently, Jason observed that long-time peer member Annie Ruth Thomas was having difficulty with her wheel chair, causing problems with start-up and over travel mobility when she had to use a manual chair instead.

Jason explains, “It really is hard on me to see someone give up a mobile chair and have to travel in a manual wheelchair. I had time to take the unit apart and found it was a simple repair. I only tightened and plugged in contact wires with the circuit board.”

The compassionate counselor downplays his surprising efforts on her part, saying “Annie Ruth needs to be mobile and able to move from site to site to talk and listen to peers.” 

An Americus native and graduate of Southland Academy, Jason returned to his hometown after two years in Albany, Georgia. We’re glad he’s back and using his counseling – and electrical repair—skills at Perry Wellness Center!

In the photo above, Jason Frazier assists Annie Ruth Thomas as she transfers back to her repaired wheelchair.

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