Showing RespectWith a peer population of around 70 and a couple of dozen staff, the need to show proper respect to others is a relevant topic at Perry Wellness Center. With the population bursting at the seams, it can sometimes feel “too close for comfort.” The future new classroom building will provide additional space, as well as opportunities for more diverse activities. In the meantime, the importance of respecting others opinions and boundaries is being stressed.

Recently, PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry led a morning discussion group on the need for personal respect and how to show it. He used the example of the groups themselves, as he led discussion on ways to give input appropriately, select group topics, etc.

“With the bad things forced into our daily lives on media and elsewhere, we must take time to listen to positive topics,” Stuart explained. “We can learn from each other.”

Stuart plans to better pair peers and staff for group presentations. To start the team approach, the first team presentation will be led by Stuart and peer Sudinna Billingsley.

“The team effort will allow staff and peers to observe and see how important respect is at Perry Wellness Center,” Stuart said. His message to peers: “We are on the right track for the new building and more classrooms. Please be patient and respect each other.”

In the photo above, Stuart Perry leads a group with certified peer specialist staff and peers about promoting respect for everyone at Perry Wellness Center.

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