Ground BreakingOn the northern border of the Perry Wellness Center campus, progress can be seen in preparations for a new classroom building. The replacement building to be erected there replaces an older storage building.  That building was part of the Perry Brothers Oil Company which originally stood on the site of the current recovery center.

Before the project could move forward, PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry appeared before the Historic Preservation Board of Americus to make his case for leveling the old building and constructing a new one in its place.

“I ask that you approve this application that will permit us to destroy an older building of Perry Brothers Oil Company and then erect a new and larger classroom building for our future progress,” Stuart stated. “It will be ‘state of the art’ planning and construction. Every possible current and future need for our mental health and substance abuse program has been addressed in our plans.” The board unanimously approved the application. 

Before construction could begin, priority was given to the placement of a protect fence border around the area. The existing structure was then cleared of its many stored objects and memories. The old wooden structural timbers and tin roof were hastily brought down for hauling away.

After the entire structure was leveled, heavy equipment continued the breaking and removal of the foundation. Les Nobles of Sumter Asphalt Company is overseeing the construction of the new foundation.

He explained, “We plan to be finished with this phase of the project by next week. Depending on the weather, we can pour the foundation and begin building of the new building. A four-inch slab will be pour to support the new building.

Needless to say, excitement fills the air as peers and staff anticipate the completion of a new building to house the campus’ expanding needs.

In the photo above, Devin Nobles, left, and Les Nobles, third from left, share construction information with peer Shawn Thigpen and staff member Jamie Shaw.

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