Curing FoundationDespite the cold and wet work environment, contract workers continue their schedule to complete the newest addition to the Perry Wellness Center campus. Although the cement foundation was poured to properly level the cement, blowers and other leveling tools are properly curing the pouring. The foundation features swirled color that will simulate marble. Plans are for asphalt to be laid in coming days to prevent possible damage from dirt tracks.

"We are excited about the new building. The progress of these contractors is amazing. We already have great plans for the new building," said Stuart Perry, Founder of Perry Wellness Center and CEO.

After minor improvements in the building designs, the blueprints have quickly turned to creation of a future area for the growing Perry Wellness Center. June 2020 has been announced as the target date for building completion, weather permitting.

Here, workers remove excessive water on the foundation site from a recent rain.

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