Peer TutoringOn a cold morning, two peers stand together by the warmth of the fire pit on the campus of Perry Wellness Center. One might think they are having a friendly conversation about sports or the weather. But a closer look shows an example of true peer support in action.


Peer Raymond Davis, pictured at right, above, enjoys holding organized tutorial sessions with other peers. Recently he began routine learning sessions with friend Sean Thigpen, pictured at left. Raymond has set up a system with a clipboard for displaying correct spelling and forming of words in order to coach others.


He explains, “I have been trying to help several of my friends in the past week. It requires patience, but the friends I have helped want more time with me to learn more.”


Both Raymond and Sean are certificate graduates from the Schley County school system, but they look forward to registering for their GEDs in the future.


The spirit of peer leadership and support lives on!

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