Rainy Day LearningWith so many recent rainy and cold days, peers at Perry Wellness Center have often been unable to enjoy the outdoors for any extended period of time. The weather has put a halt to walking and slowed down work at the market.

To avoid cabin fever, peers are reminded that a world of learning is available to the through television, books, puzzles, and games, to name a few indoor activities available to them. Individuals are taking advantage of the slowdown in outdoor activities to find constructive and enjoyable ways to spend break time. For example, the usual card game challenges now fill two tables in the PWC classroom.

 “I know that there is much more to be learned by our peers,” says PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry. “For example, card players must remember suits, calculation of numbers, and many other aspects that are required to win at the challenge. Many of our peers are involved in technical learning. They may be watching on-line games, but there is a learning benefit in this pastime.” 

In the photo above, Paul Dixon, left, and Patrick Pilcher enjoy a current movie on a new portable DVD player.

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