Staff Planning MeetingDuring this time of sheltering in place throughout South Georgia, the peers who normally attend Perry Wellness Center are not forgotten.

When the center first closed, in compliance with the governor’s orders, Pam Perry met with all staff to discuss interim activities on behalf of peers. At that time, she offered reassurance on the effort to maintain some sense of normalcy.

“We are altering many usual things at our center,” she explained to staff. “However, we will work to provide meals and contact with our peer clients. We still have to make contact each day with questions about the safety and mental awareness of these peers. We are the only family that some of these individuals have, and we must continue contact with them.”

Stuart Perry also reminded staff about the importance of self-care: “We all will suffer and learn a different way to take care of ourselves. We must wash our hands many times each day, do not touch our faces, and keep 6-10 feet between us and other individuals. We all want to remain healthy while we are separated.”

Many of the Perry Wellness Center staff are working from home during the closure, while some come to the center for peer contacts and production of required data and documentation. Regarding the latter, the temporary closure does provide time for any needed catching up with client record-keeping. Stuart and Pam also make regular calls to peers and staff to monitor the situation and assure peers’ wellbeing.

While the Perrys have ensured they have a handle on things, there is no doubt that all are looking forward to being together again.

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