Feeding Fish 2During the temporary suspension of daily activities at Perry Wellness Center, Jeff Williams is finding quiet times to work on needed maintenance and improvements on campus. Now, Jeff is tackling the water features in the park. The talented artist and designer created these features, from stream to fountain to pond, and keeping them fresh and clean is his goal. He is combining these efforts with a regular “mission of mercy.”

Jeff explains, “It is quite important that we keep the water fresh and full in the park fountain that I built some years ago. Many supporters, from Sumter and Marion Counties, have given us fish to fill the water. With the center now closed, I continue the feeding routine of the fish. I also want to be sure that the sound and goodness of the water flow continue.”

We know the fish must appreciate Jeff’s efforts, and the returning peers and staff will appreciate his maintenance efforts when they return to sparkling water and splashing fish in the gardens of Perry Wellness Center.

In the photo above, Jeff Williams removes plants and other debris that might hinder the recirculation and flow in the water feature on the campus of Perry Wellness Center.

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