Home VisitWhile on his way to view the peer gardens at St John’s Anglican Church, Stuart Perry made a recent stop at the apartment of Kenneth (KC) Christmas and Annie Ruth Thomas. Not expecting his visit, Annie Ruth kept her distance and only spoke to Stuart from the porch of her apartment. KC adorned his protective mask and visited with Stuart for some time.

Stuart recalled, “KC led the conversation with questions about the safety of Perry Wellness Center and our idea of ‘back to normal.’ Stuart had no final answers on the re-opening of the center and market, but told KC about what the staff have been doing.

“Our staff has been telephoning their peer group once or twice a day,” Stuart said. “We have also been transporting food to peers within the city limits.”

As for Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, “This has been a bad season. When I see the advertisements on television and hear about market activity in Albany and Columbus, I wish we could offer our plants at a lower price. We are watering and maintaining our inventory as best we can.”

KC also asked Stuart about plans for harvest and distribution of the many tomatoes that would soon be ripe in the St. John’s church gardens. Stuart assured him,” The tomatoes are green not, but the plants are full. We will decide what to do when they ripen.”

All in all, the visit was a nice chance to catch up, as well as provide some reassurance that, to the extent possible, everything is under control.

In the photo above, Kenneth Christmas and Stuart Perry enjoy each other’s company during a recent home visit.

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