Deadheading GeraniumsAt Perry Wellness Center, the re-opening of Rudy’s Happy Patch Market has been a joyful time for Stuart Perry. 

“I am very pleased with our patient customers,” Stuart says. “Our market activity has been good.”

He loves to see the return of customers and feels that no detail is too small to provide a welcoming environment for shoppers. That includes tidying up the plants on sale. The tables filled with tomatoes are monitored closely and filled with new inventory as needed. But other plants need attention as well.

Market clerk Debbie Bissallion explains, “We are trying to ‘deadhead’ our many geraniums and hope they find a new home.”

In the photo above, Brittany Singley, standing, works with Debbie Bissallion to clean up the spent leaves of the many geraniums for sale at Happy Patch.

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