Final touches 1As the new classroom building nears its completion, final touches are being done. The inevitable dings and mars of construction must be smoothed out and small details addressed. For example, after application of two coats of sealers over the entire building’s floors, a rubber baseboard finish must be attached to every square foot where wall meets floor. Walls must be retouched, and placement must be determined for metal posts and fencing along the covered drive.

Final touches 3In these photos, several local contractors and our own Jeff Williams work on a series of final touches. In the first photo Jeff searches for a chalk line marker in his tool box to mark Final touches 2out
fencing placement. In the second photo, Martin of Hammon’s Painting Service, does wall retouching, along with owner Dale Hammon in the third photo. In the fourth photo, Dion, of Hammon’s, completes detailed retouching on the many metal doors throughout the building. Finally, in the fifth photo, Troy, of Pickle’s Construction, applies rubber baseboard to the finished wall bases and floors. Amid the overpowering smell of polyurethane sealer fumes, all the workers stopped to praise the finished floors with their marble appearance.


Final touches 4We’re feeling fancy! The Perry Wellness Center family can’t wait to get settled in its new digs.

Final touches 5





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