On Monday morning, certified peer specialists and other staff members of Perry Wellness Center returned to Perry Wellness Center in preparation for reopening. While much outreach has taken place from home and the field, and some staff have assisted with campus maintenance, this was the first day that most staff would be back together in almost three months.

At a 10:00 a.m. meeting, Pam Perry welcomed staff, including several participating by Zoom. She then reviewed Phase 1 of new safety precautions that will be practiced by all staff members. While state restrictions have been eased, Stuart and Pam Perry are very much aware that COVID-19 remains a potential risk for peers and staff, and no detail is too small to ensure safety.

β€œI want all staff to be safe and ready for the return of our peers,” Pam explained. β€œIt is different, and it is going to take a team effort to maintain safety.”

During the transition, staff will meet as a group, in person or on Zoom, for 10:00 meetings on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Additional information and safety practices will be reviewed.

In the photo below, general safety precautions are highlighted for review by our readers. Stay safe, everybody!
COVID safety

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