Technology OneAs construction crews finish their work on the new office and classroom building, other crews move in to work on interior details. One of the most important projects is connecting the building to a state-of-the-art online network.

Perry Wellness Center has come a long way from early days, when the task list for a new site did not consider an internet interface as a requirement for completion. Now, such networking is a critical element in the design and function of a facility. From sending emails to managing large IT demands, sophisticated technology makes all the difference.

Project director Jeff Williams and PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry turned to Technology One to oversee this process. Three technicians recently arrived on campus to complete a network between 16 desk stations and the world. Jeff, meanwhile, worked to construct the glass and steel, multi-level desks. Cables lined the floor in preparation for the hookup of access boxes at each work station. The Technology One trio quickly and efficiently tackled their job.

“I am happy to have Technology One in our new building,” Stuart said. “We will soon be connected to the world and share everything from marketing information to direct connections with our state and federal resource outlets.”

Thanks for a great job, Technology One!

In the photo above, Technology One’s Cassius King, Travis Goodman, and owner Bryan Keefer plan their installation tasks in Perry Wellness Center’s new building.

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