Large TomatoesWhen it comes to summer tomatoes, Rudy’s Happy Patch Market customers swear by the ones that come from local Buchanan Farms. Recently, farm owner Jim Buchanan brought in several of his largest tomatoes, to much fanfare.

Any Southerner will tell you that the best fresh garden tomato is one that will cover a full slice of bread. How else to make the best tomato sandwiches?  (By the way, these must include thin-sliced white bread, mayonnaise, salt, and pepper. Add some bacon and iceberg lettuce for the perfect BLT.)

The Buchanan Farm tomatoes filled the space of three “normal” tomatoes when they were placed on display in the market. The largest tomato weighed 2.50 pounds! Even though they are large, these tomatoes retain full flavor. They can be found on a back table of the market, against the north wall.

Stuart Perry gave the tomatoes his stamp of approval. “We rarely get such large tomatoes,” he marveled. “It is early in the season, and Jim brought still brought such huge tomatoes. It might take several slices of bacon to make me a good BLT!”

A customer added, “With some fresh cheese, that large tomato would be great.”

As visions of sandwiches dance in their heads, come join Stuart and our customers at Happy Patch, and check out all our fresh produce.

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