Zinnia GardenThe partnership between Perry Wellness Center and St. John’s Anglican Church continues. In addition to a large vegetable garden, raised flower beds planted by PWC staff, peers, and volunteers grace the church property. The garden beds are cultivated and harvested for sale at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, as previously described (see Peer Postings archives for further information.)

In the flower beds, colorful zinnias are maintained by staff and volunteers. When mature, the zinnias are cut and stored in a decorative bucket at the market for presentation to the many customers who visit the market.

PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry says, “This partnership with St. John’s Anglican Church has been great. At Christmas, the church furnishes gifts for children of our peers, and in the spring, they provide fertile raised beds to grow vegetables and flowers. It is a great and growing partnership of helping others.”

In the photo above, the prayer garden at St. John’s Anglian Church is filled with the colors of zinnias and other flowers.

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