Green PeppersOn Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, the customers and staff at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market are always delighted to see a truck from local Buchanan Farms pull into the parking lot, and Jim Buchanan step out. Happy Patch has become the principle vendor of his produce, including his regionally renowned Buchanan tomatoes. The vegetables are always freshly picked, in keeping with the market’s commitment to farm-to-table healthy eating.

Market clerk Debbie Bissallion says, “Jim Buchanan has made a name for himself with the variety and quality of his vegetables. I am happy that we have a partnership with him.”

The market display tables remain filled with Buchanan tomatoes in several varieties and sizes. In a recent delivery, Jim Buchanan also delivered fresh bell peppers, perfect for everything from homemade pizzas to summer salads.

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