Debbie DJFor any of our readers who listen to local radio station WISK/WPUR, the voice of one announcer may sound very familiar.

“I am Debbie, and I invite you to Happy Patch Market,” the inviting but authoritative voice says. “We support local farmers and have fresh Chase corn, local tomatoes, watermelons, green peppers, and everything you will need for that fresh vegetable menu. We are part of Perry Wellness Center.”

That’s the same voice you may also hear when you visit the market. The reason for this? The speaker, Debbie Bissallion, works in the market as well as on air. For two years, she has divided her time between WISK/WPUR and Happy Patch.

“I like to speak out in the market and inform customers of our choice crops,” Debbie explains. “I like tomatoes best, but our green peppers, watermelons, and corn have been best sellers. I want people to know what we have and how good our products are.”

Originally from this area, Debbie is a graduate of Americus High School and maintains her love of home. She once moved to the hectic life of Las Vegas, but came back to be with family.

“I like to live in the country,” she says. “It has been good.”  While she once worked in bookkeeping, her ideal job is outdoors, growing and selling great food. When she discovered Perry Wellness Center and Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, she visited with founder and CEO Stuart Perry about a job. 

Needless to say, Stuart saw that she would be a good fit and hired her. Now he says, “Debbie is a great find for our market. Her ads on the local radio are concise and tell listeners how good we are!”

Debbie answers with a smile, “When you have great products, it is easy to sell on radio or in person.”

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