Miss Hope and RJBefore Rudy’s Happy Patch Market closed during the COVID-19 shutdown, our staff met a special grandmother and grandson. Jamie Minich, plant identification specialist at the market, described Miss Hope and R.J. (last names unknown), as plant enthusiasts. R.J. was working on a Boy Scout project, and he visited Happy Patch with his grandmother, an avid seed collector, to seek out new plant varieties.

While at the market, the two met and talked with Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry, who offered his assistance with anything needed for the scouting project.

Jamie enjoyed talking with the pair as well. “This grandmother and grandson are into flower identification. They are fun to talk with.”

At the end of that visit, the two left with the perfect samples to help R.J. with his plant propagation project.

Recently, Miss Hope and R.J. stopped by to deliver news of their plant successes to Jamie. She was away from the market, harvesting vegetables in the gardens at St. John’s Anglican Church. Hopefully, they can catch up again soon, but grandmother and grandson left hearty samples of corn flowers, trumpet flowers, and Christmas peppers.

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