Perfect MixHealth and safety are a paramount concern these days for any business or organization. In its effort to comply with existing and increasing requirements of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Perry Wellness Center reached out to Alsco Linen and Uniform Rental Services in Albany. Alsco offers a universal Perfect Mix Cleaning Solutions system that is CDC-compliant.

A fully filled liquid cleaning supply box will be placed in the original classroom/cafeteria building on campus, as well as the newly opened classroom/educational building. Each box will be easily accessible to designated staff members who receive one-on-one review of the supplied chemicals. A sleeve of chemical data sheets will also be posted adjacent to each chemical storage box.

Alsco provides further information on the Perfect Mix system on its website, as well as other products and services offered by the Albany business. 

“We try to stay in step with the CDC to provide maximum safety for our peer population and our staff,” project facilitator Kelly Jansen explains. “Each location is filled with bottles that will provide cleaning chemicals for transit vans, food service, sanitations, trash receptacles, and – really, anything we touch.”

In the photo above, Alsco district manager Kenny Barr, left, explains the use of the products in the wall box to PWC project facilitator Kelly Jansen

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