Swallowtails and LantanaAs koi fish lazily swim in the fountain pond at Perry Wellness Center, an array of busier butterflies also appreciates the summer sunlight. Darting among a spread of lantana plants, tiger swallowtails and other butterfly varieties bring activity and color to the campus gardens.

“With all of the unknown in our world today, we must realize that God colors our world with good and life,” PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry observes. “Right now, the butterflies on our campus are active, with all of the plant variety we have."

As many South Georgians are spending more time at home during the COVID-19 outbreak, now is a good time to enjoy nature watching from the back porch. To get readers started, we suggest checking out the North American Butterfly Association’s website, which is packed with information for butterfly admirers.

For more information on garden plants, why not start with the lantanas pictured above? The Spruce offers a Plant Care and Growing Guide on this popular plant.

In this often tense time, here’s hoping we can all enjoy a little more of God’s color in our own backyards

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