Hope Park FountainIn 2012, a massive three-level fountain was installed on Perry Wellness Center’s campus. Eight years later, it has become a landmark spot in the green haven, Hope Park.

Designer Jeff Williams says, “When I first conceived this tall and heavy fountain, I had no idea of the impact of its color and the sound of falling water on staff, peer clients, and market customers. I know that many do not realize how much the stress of our current world affects us, with the pandemic and unsettled relations worldwide. But seeing and hearing our fountain really does relieve some of this stress.”

Today the stately fountain, now shrouded by blooming calla lilies, calms the stresses of life for all who stop for a moment of calm reflection. For Jeff Williams, it has more than fulfilled its initial purpose.

He concludes, “I do hope that everyone who passes by will pause and appreciate these sounds and beauty.”

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