Summer CollectionsWhile the Perry Wellness Center campus closed down for four months this spring and summer due to coronavirus precautions, one young peer continued his ongoing mission. Kaylon Holt, who has been collecting aluminum pop tops for charity, continued his efforts this summer.

We’ve shared Kaylon’s story with our readers over the past couple of years, but here is a brief refresh: Kaylon began collecting pop tops to raise money for the father of a friend, when he was ill with cancer. He later branched out to collect, count, and transfer thousands of pop tops to the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus, Georgia, an organization serving families of seriously ill children throughout the area. Funds obtained through redeeming the aluminum soda tabs have been used to support these efforts. In addition to his own shoe leather, Kaylon has relied upon a network of supporters, from staff and peers of Perry Wellness Center to schools, organizations, and businesses in surrounding counties.

“I am happy that collectors of pop tops have not forgotten about Perry Wellness Center, Ronald McDonald House, and me,” Kaylon says. “I do appreciate the growing numbers that have been turned in at Perry Wellness Center.”

Recently, Kaylon received two gallons’ worth of donated pop tops. He has not finished counting and bagging them, but estimates that total collections may have now exceeded 1.4 million pop tops.


“I may be behind now, but the virus has slowed everything, including me,” Kaylon acknowledges with a smile. “But I do not plan to stop. We will take all you can collect and donate.”

Kaylon, we have no doubt!

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