Global Outreach scarecrow projectWhat a difference a month makes! This past August, Perry Wellness Center hosted a group of students from Global Outreach Ministries. As part of their volunteer ministry in this area, they provided several days of back-breaking labor to several projects at PWC, including the laying of brick walkways.

Now a smaller group of volunteers from Global Outreach is back – and this time their task is appropriate for the season. Between the milder weather and their new volunteer tasks, we hope they're finding this outreach an enjoyable experience. So what is this mysterious task? Building scarecrows!

As you'll recall, PWC was named the official supplier for our local Chamber of Commerce fall scarecrow decorating competition. Since being named, we have constructed over 45 scarecrows frames, thanks in large part to the efforts of our volunteers.

Group leader Brayden Ehrlich, Jessica Lambert, and Corey Sullivan, came to us from Elgin, Oklahoma and Ft. Pierce, Florida. Brayden noted: "We enjoy coming to Americus and Sumter County every time we come to Georgia. People are kind here and appreciate any help we can offer."

Whether laying bricks or creating life-size scarecrows, there is always a task that can benefit from a volunteer's kind hand.

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