Chet Crowley2Fresh fruit is one of the joys of summer, and Rudy’s Happy Patch Market has had a bounty of assorted fruits this summer. If one popular item temporarily runs out, there is always a good substitute.

Mr. Chet Crowley recently demonstrated his own flexibility in buying fresh fruit. In the coolest part of the day, he arrived early one morning to purchase some fresh peaches. Having heard of the goodness of local Elberta peaches, he arrived early to get the best selection.

Unfortunately, he learned that the last shipment of these popular fruits had already been sold out. But whatever visions of peach pie or homemade peach ice cream he may have harbored, Mr. Crowley made certain his trip was not wasted.

“I am sorry that you are out of those good peaches,” he said. “I guess they were as good as I heard. But I am here, so a fresh watermelon looks good.”

With no hesitation, he selected a fresh melon to take home, assisted by market manager Debbie Bissallion. As he left, she said, “I am sorry that we are out of peaches. But it was a great weekend here at the market.”

We hope that Chet Crowley’s second choice was absolutely delicious!

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