Catfish DinnerEarlier this week, we told our readers about the celebration of Labor Day by peers and staff and Stuart Perry’s words of welcome.

Today, we’re going to “pull back the curtain” in the Perry Wellness Center kitchen, where certified chef Kelly Jansen presided over the special feast. He oversaw the preparation of a catfish dinner with all the trimmings. The catfish was fresh, with over 100 pounds coming from farmer Walter Hicks, who provides locally grown, farm-raised fish to the enjoyment of many.

Along with his preparation of catfish fillets, Kelly served French fries, baked beans, cold slaw, and hush puppies from his personal recipe. He topped off the summer meal with Rice Krispy treats to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

“I have been away from the kitchen – not food – for a while,” Kelly noted as he began preparations. “Today, I will join peers Monica and Jamica, and lead kitchen staff organizer Arthur, for a fun time, serving good food to peers and staff.

The delicious meal went off a hitch, although the seafood feast caused the loading and departure of transit vans to run late. However, all riders arrived home with a full stomach and pleasant thoughts about Labor Day 2020.

In the photo above, Kelly Jansen, right, and peer associates serve up a tasty lunch to celebrate Labor Day.

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