Donated exercise equipmentAs a more productive routine comes back into place at Perry Wellness Center, founder and CEO Stuart Perry continues to step up the emphasis on exercise. A daily exercise regimen improves both physical and mental health of peers and staff alike.  

A portable basketball has been constructed and put in place. Now Stuart is looking for additional exercise machines and the development of more organized sports activities.

“We are working hard to return to a productive routine for our peers,” Stuart explains. “I want us to have less ‘down’ time and do what we can for wellness as we wait. We have put four donated exercise machines in the old classroom, to be used as peers wait for breakfast and lunch service.”

In the photo above, left to right, Shanesha Edge, April Owens, CPS, and Sylvia Ford try out the newly donated exercise machines in the west classroom of Perry Wellness Center.

A not so subtle hint: donated exercise equipment in working order is always welcome!

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