Frozen Vegetable SaleWe’re all celebrating the drop in temperatures over the last few days. It is official fall weather, reminding us of high school football games, bonfires of leaves, and hot comfort food.

“I cannot wait to take these frozen vegetables home for a pot of fresh homemade soup,” one recent customer said at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, echoing similar sentiments by others. Market sales have been good at Happy Patch over the last few months, but late-season vegetable shelling and processing have provided an overflow of summer and early fall vegetables in the bustling market. 

Now customers can enjoy discounts on multiple combinations of frozen beans and peas. Still available are butterbeans and purple, zipper, and cream peas.  The sign on the front glass of the self-serve freezers says it all: “Buy 2 and get 1 FREE or $20 for the 3. Select a single bag for $10.”

As shown above, plant specialist Jamie Minich updates sale information on the doors of the Happy Patch freezers.

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