Fall 2020 PlantsThe colors of fall are most associated with autumn leaves, but fall’s blooming flowers and other plants bring their own palettes of color to the landscape.

On the grounds of Perry Wellness Center and Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, everything from water features to market display areas are brightened with colorful fall plants. PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry loves to stroll the grounds and take in the view.

“I guess I learned my love for plants from my mom and dad,” Stuart says. “When we lived in Buena Vista, we had two productive greenhouses in our back yard. I learned to water the plants and watched my mother clean the plants and make them ready for sale. We had repeat customers stop by when they were in Buena Vista. Now, we have more plants – and more upkeep, but we have good staff workers.”

In the photo above, numerous plant varieties cluster in a market display area, showing off their array of colors and textures. How many of these plants can you identify?

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