Slayton SpotlightWhen it comes to a positive attitude, few peers at Perry Wellness Center can top the personality of Laurie Slaton.

Laurie has been an active peer participant at PWC for almost eight years. During that time, she has dealt with several re-location issues that would have led many individuals to give up on the daily commute to the center. In the space of a few years she moved from Mauk, Georgia to Americus and then back to Mauk. (Mauk is an unincorporated community located in Taylor County, about 40 miles north of Americus.)

These changes and other issues have not slowed her progress or changed her attitude about staying in her recovery program. She values the longtime friendships she has made, as well as the wellness information that she has been able to apply in her life. A creative artist/craftsperson, Laurie has learned new skills and perfected old ones at the center. She is known for her weaving and wall art, and her holiday crafts have often been in demand. Many of her works hang on the walls of PWC buildings, reminders of the talents that peers can express.

β€œI like coming to Perry Wellness Center,” Laurie says simply. β€œIt has been good for me. I have met great people, and I appreciate Stuart and Pam Perry for allowing me to come.”

Thanks, Laurie, for all you bring to our program and to your own mental health!

In the photo above, Laurie Slaton takes time to enjoy a lunchtime Subway sandwiched, delivered by the local Perry GasNGo.

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