Destiny AllenA pleasant fall has created a pleasant environment for outdoor sports activities. Basketball is one sport that is particularly popular at Perry Wellness Center, and a new basketball goal is bringing more and more peers to the court.

Peers and staff enjoy playing basketball challenges, and PWC founder and CEO Stuart Perry is ready for his own challenge, as the size and number of teams increase.

“I know the challenges of active sports,” Stuart explains, “And we require our sports teams to take a water break and ‘breather.’ We are glad that we have team challenges and encourage more activity.”

Destiny Allen is an active basketball player and team leader. In the photo above, she takes a break from her last team workout during intramural activities.

“I love basketball,” Destiny enthuses. As for taking a break, she explains, “I really am not tired but had to correct a sock in my shoe.” She concludes, “Let’s play!”

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