Monday morning discussionAt the start of each week, the first break after the morning information group at Perry Wellness Center is a time for discussion about prior weekend events and activities of group members.

Stuart Perry, PWC founder and CEO, explains, “It is important for our peers to share their lives with other peers. Sometimes events are not planned, and many find better ways to make the outcome more pleasant by discussing with others.”

Many center peers take pride in sharing their life experiences with others as part of their recovery process and in hopes of helping others. 

The first break after morning information groups, on a Monday, are a time of discussion about the prior weekend events and actions of the group. Annie Ruth Thornton is one such individual. The senior peer in this discussion group, she is eager to share her experiences and proclaim the goodness of Perry Wellness Center.

“I could write a book about my first days with Stuart Perry,” she says fondly. “We have had some fun and amusing times together on the first campus, and now on this campus.” With a smile in her voice, Miss Annie Ruth concludes, “That may be an idea. Maybe I DO need to write a book.”

Sounds good to us!

In the photo above, Sonya Mullins, left, and Cornelius Ross enjoy a Monday morning chat with Annie Ruth Thomas, center.

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