Birthday pinA birthday is a time to feel special – one day every year in which an individual should be guaranteed to receive recognition and appreciation from others. We all need such acknowledgement, and few things are as discouraging as not being remembered on your birthday. At Perry Wellness Center, we make sure that every peer member's birthday gets its own tribute, so that each individual can experience the emotional boost that such attention can provide us all.

Under the coordination of staff member Jan Adkinson, birthdays have recently become even more special at PWC. In addition to the traditional singing of "Happy Birthday," birthday celebrants are given a birthday pin to wear throughout the day. The pin reminds others: "TODAY is MY Birthday. Be Happy WITH me!"

At Jan notes, "Many of our peer members rarely receive support and recognition from their family and friends. This day-long identification pin is not a big program addition, but it does allow all of us to stop and recognize our peer family on their special day." Every month, a birthday party of cake and ice cream is also provided, in order to recognize all those with birthdays during the month.

In this photo, Laura Hildreth, left, becomes the first birthday celebrant to receive her pin,with Jan Adkinson doing the honors.

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