Singleton FamilyAt Perry Wellness Center and Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, customers often stop by with other family members. On recent visit to the market included several members of nearby Marion County’s Singleton family. This close-knit group enjoys spending time together. 

Family matriarch Leyanne Singleton recently explained, “Family is special, and we usually have great gatherings and bring different foods for the event. We have instant contact with social media and personal contacts. Event planning was once my responsibility, but our family is larger, and younger people have become more involved.”

The occasion for this visit was special: planning for the upcoming birthday party of soon to be six-year-old Myles. Parents Lucas and Hannah Singleton accompanied Myles, along with their three-year-old daughter, Chandler. The outgoing children were proud to share their respective birthdates and relate plans for the holiday season.

The planning list for the party included mums for decoration and pumpkins for carving, as the party was scheduled for the week before Halloween. They are a busy family: Hannah teaches in the Marion County school system and Lucas, along with dad Ken, operates farms that raise and harvest over 25 million pine seedlings each year. But they are never too busy to celebrate family milestones on a large scale.

Lucas Singleton noted, “We have 18 guests coming to the party. We plan for each to carve their own pumpkin as they enjoy refreshments. They will take their pumpkin carvings home for the holidays. The party will be active with so many six-year-olds, and we want to keep them busy!”

As selections began, the children were drawn to the more brightly colored mums and selected them first, with a little help from their parents. Pictured above are birthday boy Myles, along with sister Chandler, and parents Hannah and Lucas.

Hope the birthday party was as great as it sounded. Happy birthday, Myles!

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