Online Jigsaw PuzzleFor many peers at Perry Wellness Center, smartphones have become a pathway to both learning and entertainment. They provide access to everything from Google searches to online games. Having a smartphone is like having access to a library and video arcade in one small device.

Laurie Slayton is one peer who uses her smartphone to pursue a favorite hobby. An active peer leader at PWC, she is known for her love of needlework and weaving. But she is also a jigsaw puzzle enthusiast – the more challenging a puzzle, the better.

“I like to scatter pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, look at the picture on the front of the box, and finish the puzzle,” Laurie explains. “I have framed some puzzles and taken them home. Now I can find and finish puzzles on my cell phone!”

In the photo above, Laurie Slayton uses her puzzle skills to complete an electronic jigsaw puzzle on her phone.

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