VolcanoEducation and information sharing are an important part of peer discussion groups at Perry Wellness Center. But sometimes a visual presentation makes the most attention-grabbing point.

Certified peer specialist Sarah Teal has been leading a group on anger management, teaching peers to better understand the causes of anger and how to control it. On the first day of the discussion, Sarah brought in a 12-ounce empty bottle for each peer. Peers then covered their bottles with newspaper and tape to simulate a volcanic terrain. Next, a teaspoon of baking soda was put in each bottle, representing a potential conflict in our lives. Finally, white vinegar was poured into the bottle as a stimulus agent for conflict and disagreement.

If you have ever conducted this experiment, you know the explosive results! The sudden eruption from the “volcano” is a perfect symbol for how anger can quickly overtake us when inflamed by stress and conflict. 

Sarah explains, “Mixing vinegar and soda can show us the potential for erupting stress in our lives. We cannot make the mess in our lives that this experiment demonstrates.”

In the photo above, peers gather around Sarah Teal, CPS, as she demonstrates the chemistry of erupting anger.

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