Christmas TomatoesFaithful readers know that tomatoes are the official year-round produce sold at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. What better way to commemorate the Christmas season than by a holiday display of these delicious market offerings, in shades of red and green.

Market manager Debbie Bissallion enjoyed styling a table of tomatoes into a seasonal motif. She explains, “I wanted to bring a smile to our customers with a red and green table arrangement.”

Debbie notes that customers seem reluctant to select a tomato from this tabletop display. “I guess no one wants to break the circular design,” she muses. “We have another rectangular display table at the rear of the market, and the design lines have been broken to get the best tomato.”

Take a look at the arrangement above. Can you blame customers for respecting its orderly red and green design? There are many ways to say “Merry Christmas,” and Happy Patch has found a perfect way to salute both the season and its year-round best seller.

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