Christmas Storage 2Getting ready for Christmas at Perry Wellness Center includes taking many years’ worth of treasured decorations out of storage. Last week, staff members and certified peer specialists Phyllis Smith and Jeff Williams took on the task.

“For years, decorations have been purchased to make each Christmas different and special,” Jeff explained. “We have worked throughout the year to gather all of the decorations for storage in one place.”

The duo opened up stored plastic hampers and reviewed the splendor of previous years’ decorations, as they worked on the theme for this year’s displays in the center and Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. 

Phyllis noted the need to get started, saying, “People are buying and decorating early this year. We all need reminders of goodness in this stressful time.”

The excitement of decorating for Christmas this year will include other staff and peers, but Jeff and Smith, pictured above, are happy to get a head start as they open their hampers of Christmas treasure.

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