Red PoinsiettasEach walk through the campus of Perry Wellness Center brings a new colorful reminder of the Christmas season, especially at Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. Earlier this week, we showed you our trio of white pumpkin snowmen. Last week, we spotlighted a hanging wreath, constructed by peers. Today, we’re checking out a recently decorated Christmas tree and a display of poinsettias. 

First, do you know why poinsettias are considered the perfect plant to display at Christmas? According to Christian tradition, the shape of the flowers and leaves represent the Star of Bethlehem which led the three wise men to Jesus Christ at his birth. The red color of the plant symbolizes the blood of Christ.

At Rudy’s Happy Patch Market, various sizes of the seasonal plant are placed in sight lines to brighten every corner of the market.

Tall Tree
As for Christmas trees -- we not only sell them, but love to decorate them for the season. Recently, we spotted market staff member Amber Cagle decorating a tall Frazier fir.

“This is a tall tree for me,” Amber said, “But I can do the bottom and wait for peer help to hang more ornaments on the upper part.” Looks pretty good to us, Amber.

We love the color and scents of the market during the holiday season!

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