Troy Boone CleanupThe first days of 2021 have been quite chilly, but no time has been lost in clearing the campus of remaining Christmas decorations and cleaning up the grounds. First, a total of 13 Christmas wreaths were removed and disassembled after the holiday. Christmas trees were also taken down and all seasonal décor. But the crowning touch was the removal of debris and the heavy groundcover of fallen leaves.


Tony Boone was happy to pitch in on cleanup and explained why: “We have all heard encouragement for welcoming the new year. We must move on from 2020 and close the book on that year. I welcome a new year at Perry Wellness Center!”


Recently, Tony tackled the west parking lot with a leaf blower and other tools, as pictured above, in preparation for customer visits – and visions of the Spring 2021 market.


Thanks, Tony!

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