Stoking the Fire PitJanuary came in with true winter weather, which means that the Perry Wellness Center fire pit has gone on active duty.


When peers and staff returned for the first full week of the new year, many gathered around the fire pit on the west patio, where the bough of remaining Christmas wreaths were fed into the fire.


Tyshaun Thomas explained, “We are doing all we can to finish cleaning the campus and Happy Patch Market.” The fresh evergreen boughs of unsold market wreaths and ones which had adorned the doors were used as fuel for the warm, fragrant fire.


For early morning arrivals at Perry Wellness Center, the fire pit has become the ideal place to gather. Watching the sun rise as the fire pit spreads its warmth is a favorite way to start the day. In upcoming days, the patio will be used for one on one interviews for peer activity writings.


In the photo above, Tyshaun Thomas, left, and Awan Smith carefully load the fire pit for the enjoyment of peers and staff.

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