MLK Day 2021On Monday, peers and staff gathered for a special lunchtime celebration in honor of Martin Luther King Day. In a patch of sunlight, the large outdoor grill served up hamburgers and hot dogs, served with French fries.


Cafeteria manager Kelly Jansen oversaw the event and observed, “I think all of our peers and staff really enjoyed the meal. It was good to remind us all of this special day to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King.”


Peer discussion was also encouraged. At one table, Kaylon Holt, Sudennia Billingslea, and Rhonda Hubbard took a rare break as they discussed the life of Dr. King. When questioned about the importance of the day, they each offered comments.


“This is a good day to be alive,” Rhonda said with a smile.

“He fought and worked for the rights of all Americans, black and white,” Suddennia noted.

“He encouraged black and white to play together and work together,” Kaylon offered.


After this pause in the day, peers and staff returned to another day of learning, building skills, and mutual support.

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