Double TroubleA major component of the peer program at Perry Wellness Center is its wide variety of groups, ranging from discussion on groups on current events to wellness recovery action plan (W.R.A.P.) groups.

One of the most popular groups offered is Double Trouble in Recovery (DTR). Meeting four times per week, the co-ed group is a fellowship of individuals who share their experiences dealing with the effects of both mental illness and substance abuse. By meeting together, they work on solving common problems and offer support to others in their journey to recovery.

A large percentage of individuals with mental illness turn to alcohol or drugs as a type of self-medication. Others may have a basic biological tendency to both mental illness and addictive disease. Recovery is also doubly difficult when an individual is faced with challenges of both disorders. For such individuals, Double Trouble can serve as a literal lifeline.

No dues or fees are required for membership in a DTR group, which relies solely on contributions. Double Trouble groups are held in thousands of locations, and they are not affiliated with any church, sect, organization, or political group. Any guest is welcome to come to a group and share his or her personal story of recovery.

In this photo, PWC program director Jackie Beasley updates the schedule for groups at the center.

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