Calm CarpIn these times of illness and upheaval, finding oases of calm is more important than ever. At Perry Wellness Center, one such spot is the koi pond in the welcoming gardens below Rudy’s Happy Patch Market.


Donated by Bobby and Loxi Jones of Buena Vista, a group of large carp or goldfish weaves beneath lily pads in the cold waters of the swim basin. The fish offer glimpses of their bright colors and take busy minds away from the problems of the world, if for just a moment.


Perry Wellness Center founder and CEO Stuart Perry is an admirer of the fish, who seem to be unaware of the stresses and worries of observers. Like the running water, wind chimes, and other “Zen” touches in Hope Park, they offer a bit of respite.


“It would be nice if all who worry about our world activity could be more like the goldfish, who only lend their color and calm to any who view them,” Stuart says. “That would be great.”


In the photo above, fish lazily drift below the surface of the koi pond, waiting patiently for one of their two daily feedings.

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