At Perry Wellness Center, it's not all just about making ourselves healthier. We also try to do our part to make our environment healthier, too. Some of the practices we've adopted include:

• Recycling of cans
• Composing of discarded and damaged market goods
• Promotion of locally grown food (less gas for transporting of out-of-area goods!)

compost binOne of our most successful efforts to date has been our first composting bin. After we discovered that placing just a small amount of commercial fertilizer in the bin increased decomposition, the height of the bin was reduced by 40% in just a few weeks! Now we are in the process of planning additional composting pits.

Both staff and peer members participate in our environmentally friendly efforts. One of the more thankless tasks is using shovels and hole diggers in the composting bin, in order to shift the deposit pattern of nutrients. But from the photo, it looks like Daryl Carter and Justin Jones have found a way to compost with a smile!

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