Ad DecalWord of mouth is wonderful, but it can only go so far when advertising today. Perry Wellness Center utilizes its website and such social media platforms as Facebook to share information about its program and advertise for Rudy’s Happy Patch Market. 

Now the busy market is adding a different kind of “mobile marketing” to publicize its sales and services. While people think of phones when the word “mobile” is used in this context, Jeff Williams has another meaning in mind – as in, mobile vehicles.

As the creative director at PWC, Jeff has been working on a large, colorful decal that can apply to the side of center vehicles. It features PWC information and includes  a Facebook icon. The decal application is easily removable. Colorful displays can now be posted on any mobile unit that travels for Perry Wellness Center, such as the box van pictured above.

“We are trying to save money with local ads and are realizing that social and mobile media deserve increased exposure,” Jeff explains. “We now have potential to increase our visitation to other sites with our Mobile Market. We want to be sure that our market slogan, ‘Follow Me to Happy Patch Market,’ is included in our mobile displays.” 

Another creative idea from the brain of Jeff Williams! 

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